We are always looking for better treatment options for patients by working with health care professionals and investing in research and development.


Empoloyment Information

Recruitment process

  1. STEP1


    Resume, career description and self-introduction / individual contact within 1~2 weeks after the application

  2. STEP2

    Interview (Technology)

    Tasks or tests regarding technology (2~3 questions) and interview

  3. STEP3


    Values, potential, abilities of candidates


YBRAIN has various departments and each of them are closely cooperate each other. We’ve made every employee grow and nurture to get the best possible performance. Anyone who want to learn new technologies, solve problems, co-work with colleagues with passion is welcomed.
Please send us E-mail with the attachment of required documents. We will contact your after review.

R&D recruitment departments and job description

  • Device team
    • HW (Design and development)
    • FW (Firmware Development)
  • Front end team
    • Mobile, Web SW development
    • Back-End/Middle Ware team
      • Application Server, Data Base, Data Analysis, Infra Management and Development  
    • Intelligence team
      • Data Analyst, AI Model Development
    • Clinical Development team
      • Clinical design and test management
      • RA & QA Clinical, licensing management
      • Academy promotion
    • QA
    • Product Design
      • Product Planning
      • UX/UI detailed design
    • Contents production team
      • Promotion article, card news, video and other contents production
      • Major contents in/out house management
      • Technical Writing Technical Writing

Production recruitment departments and job description

  • Production management (production/sales management, outsourcing management)
  • QC (Quality control, certification)

Sales/marketing recruitment departments and job description

  • Domestic/overseas sales (Sales, partner management)
  • Marketing (Strategic design, overseas marketing)

Management design recruitment departments and job description

  • Investment/legal (investment management, contract/ leg al management)
  • Finance/accounting (settlement, tax, buying/sales management)
  • Human Resource (Recruitment, assessment, education management)
  • General affairs/projects (Government project management, buying/asset/car/research center management)
  • Design (Overseas office management, market research and analysis)