We are always looking for better treatment options for patients by working with health care professionals and investing in research and development.

About us


  • Digital health care
    device development

    Ybrain is based on digital health care device for brain science. From new materials attached to the skin to IoT based medical device which is convenient and securable for the users, we have developed innovative medical device.

  • Digital health care
    service development

    Develop digital health care service – Ybrain aims to develop digital health care service platform. To do this, we’ve made efforts in mobile, web, middle ware, database, security, data analysis, infra management and development, AI modeldevelopment.

  • Cinical

    Clinical development – To develop brain science digital health care products and services based on the grounds, we’ve designed and managed things within the legal boundary. Furthermore, we’ve also promoted medical technologies and the outcomes of clinical tests of Ybrain.

  • Product Design

    Product design – Design work to make Ybrain products and services to be more familiar for the users.

  • Contents Creation

    Contents creation – Create and manage images and video contents to help users understand the products of Ybrain.

  • Privacy & Security

    Ybrain considers users’ privacy and security most. We have made our utmost efforts to protect your information.

  • Production / QC

    Production and quality control task including tests in order to guarantee safe use for the users.

  • Sales Marketing

    Promote and sale the products and services of Ybrain to make as many people as possible to use our products. We’ve also done the distribution channel and partnership management and customer management as well.

  • Management Design

    Finance, legal, design and accounting task that makes all the processes of Ybrain advance smoothly.